Giant Anteater on a classy Sofa – New Design in my zazzle shop

Giant Anteater on a classy Sofa – New Design in my zazzle shop

Giant Anteaters are mammlas living in South America, feeding on ants and termites. They have elongated snouts equipped with a thin tongue that can be extended to a length greater than the their heads. Their large, curved foreclaws are used to tear open ant and termite mounds and for defense and their long fur protects them from attacks from the insects. Mothers carry their babies on their backs, which looks really cute.
I’ve decided to draw an anteater on a cool retro sofa, because I’m a fan of anteaters and of those classy old pieces of furniture.
My favorite product is a black shirt for women, with the cute little fellow on the couch and the slogan “There’s no place loke home”…The colors and image look really classy.

For your home decor I designed a rectangular dark-blue wall clock. “Don’t worry, be happy”, like the relaxing furry animal on the sofa…

Did you know that anteaters are territorial? That means they defernd their territory…On the funny — rather royal looking — white and gold colored Beer Stein, the anteater has written on the sofa “do not disturb” in a cool font, clearly stating his territory…

The other products with this design can be seen in a collection on zazzle, check it out if you like.

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