“Bear with me”…new designs featuring a cute Black Bear

“Bear with me”…new designs featuring a cute Black Bear

Hi there, I hope you are doing well, one week before christmas. Today I want to introduce some of my new designs sold in my zazzle shop, featuring a cute Black Bear (Ursus americanus), native to North America. I love bears a lot so I designed a children’s shirt, a bodysuit for babies, a bib, a super cute mug and a unique pillow.

Check out this cool design on a grey sweatshirt for girls or boys. The bear is walking in a moonlit night, a tree and some plants are painted in black. Beneath the illustration is the funny slogan “Bear with me”…

The mug in addition features an ornamental pattern, as well as the text “I love you BEARY much”.

This decorative pillow is designed as a gift for someone you really love: your sweetheart, mother, father, friend etc: Because around the full moon there is written “I love you BEARY much”…A cool and unique ornamental pattern fringes the illustration.

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