Designs with Oriental Rug Patterns

Designs with Oriental Rug Patterns

Today I will introduce my designs with oriental Rug Patterns to you. During my many visits to the Near and Middle East to Turkey, Syria, Eqypt and the United Arab Emirates I grew to love oriental rugs and carpets. I own some myself, and I especially like my camel saddle rug bag from Anatolia and my donkey saddle bag which I bought here in Germany on a flea market… I love the combination of colors and patterns of the oriental rugs and carpets, especially of the older, more used rugs…Therefore I wanted to integrate them into my designs.

The oriental rug patterns look absoultely cool on the unique customizable Sneakers sold on zazzle. I have designed four models, check them out here:

I also designed a mug in the blue version. Beautiful bright blue and black pattern of an oriental rug with sunbeams lighting it up from one side.

And the pattern also looks cool on cases for your smartphone…in this case for an iphone 6, but you can also select other types.

And finally check out this dog bed…you can choose the fabric (indoor or outdoor) and the size to fit for your cutie.

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