White Kangaroos — rare, different, beautiful

White Kangaroos — rare, different, beautiful

In the Zoo of Karlsruhe lives a cute and awesom white albino kangaroo called Frank. Albino kangaroos are very rare and it is difficult for them to survive in the wild. Seeing him with all the other kangaroos at the zoo that were “normal” (grey) inspired me to create an illustration of him with the message “don’t be afraid to be different”. Tolerance, ¬†acceptance and respect for oneself and others is one of the most important things to me.

Check out my shirt design, which you can also order with other styles, for men, women or children, babys.

And cute and unique smartphone cases, one with tiled kangaroo images and a mug (thermosmug or normal mugs),


And finally a beautiful hand-stitched linen clutch in cream colors, chique and classy

And for children (for girls in pink, boys maybe prefer a different color – remember all products are customizable), I have designed a shirt, which also says that one should not be afraid of being different. Everyone is unique it his/her own way.

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