Christmas Cards…because Christmas is coming sooner than you think

Christmas Cards…because Christmas is coming sooner than you think

The holiday season is arriving soon. To be prepared for Christmas, it is good to start early with buying some presents and decide which Christmas cards you would like to send to your friends and family this year. Zazzle has a great choice of Season’s Greetings cards and gifts. Besides customizable cards, there are also labels, stickers and stamps with fesive designs.

Swinging Santa Clause

I bought myself a Bonsai Tree some weeks ago, and I really love this little tree…when looking at it and thinking about what christmas cards to design, I had the idea to draw a picture of a small Santa Clause, swinging at a branch of my bonsai. The slogan would be “enjoy the little blessings”, because for most of us, thats what counts most, isn’t it? These products are the results:

Swinging Santa Clause


Customizable Christmas cards with photographs

For those who like christmas cards with photographs, I have designed two other collections, where the photo and texts can be personalized if wanted. If not, I think the picture I used is gorgeous too, because one can see the joy christmas brings to the children in her face.


Other Christmas cards


I designed cute christmas cards for penguin fans or lovers of felted animals, made from photographs of my own handmade felt animals.

If you like it simpler (and also cheaper), I designed this christmas postcard with a small church. I think the chruch resembles the chruch in the Film “Blues Brothers”…

Or if you like it more funny, check out this card…I really love how the goat is sticking out its tongue.

Inspired by the albino kangaroo Frank in the Zoo of Karlsruhe, I designed this christmas  card. I think a white kangaroo would look awesom in the snow, but I bet it would be much to cold for him…so let’s just imagine him in the snow.

And here’s a card with a beautiful fox in a winterly forest with the stars shining brightly above him.

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